Congratulations to Jasmin M. Goodman for being selected as our CASA Volunteer of the Month! Jasmin has been a CASA Volunteer for the past four months. A fun fact about Jasmin is that in her past life, she wrote for a kids TV show.
“I love interacting with my CASA kids and working on their behalf to ensure they are protected and safe. While I can’t change the circumstances that brought a child/children into care, I can absolutely let them know they are not alone. As a CASA, I have an opportunity to help them navigate a tough time while also advocating for their ability to thrive.” Her advice to anyone considering being a CASA Volunteer is, “be yourself! You bring your own unique set of personal and professional skills. Also, lead with empathy. Everyone involved in your case is going through a tough time. A calm demeanor and kind word mean a lot.”