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CASA OgeecheeThe child was a premature baby who was taken from his teen mother because of neglect. He had life-threatening medical problems. He had a feeding tube in his tiny stomach that kept him alive; it however did not support normal growth.

A CASA was assigned to the case. After the child was moved to a group home, the CASA kept suggesting ways to get him to eat on his own so his feeding tube could be removed.

The CASA conferred with the baby's caregivers and with doctors about his health. When a major liver operation was suggested by one doctor, the CASA insisted on a second opinion. The operation turned out to be unnecessary, and the feeding tube was finally able to be removed. The CASA supported the baby's placement with loving great-grandparents.

Today, the child is in good health. He had grown quickly and is a happy, healthy 3-year old who has learned to count up to twenty and is learning more everyday.