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CASA Volunteer’s Cultural Expertise Proves Invaluable for Siblings
In the metro Atlanta area, CASA volunteer Sarah* was assigned to a group of Latino siblings who were removed from their home due to an allegation of physical abuse by their father. Sarah had previously lived throughout the world and had come to understand and appreciate a diversity of cultures. Based on her past experiences and after researching the situation, Sarah realized the father’s cultural upbringing condoned his discipline of one of his daughters for bringing shame to the family. Sarah advocated for the siblings to be returned home after their father took parenting classes to redirect him. Today, the siblings are doing well at home with their father.
A CASA Story

CASA OgeecheeThe Police caught an 8-year-old girl stealing food. They later discovered that she and her siblings had been imprisoned by their parents in a rundown shed surrounded by wire.

The children were placed in foster care and a CASA volunteer spoke up for their best interests through the two years leading up to the imprisonments of their parents.

The CASA then assisted in securing an adoptive home for the youngest, long-term foster care for the second oldest and - after a four-year battle complicated by immigration policy - reunited the children with their grandparents in Mexico where they are thriving.